Since patients suffering from CP experience muscle stiffness and difficulty in making muscle movements, ABTP’s expert physiotherapists conduct biomechanical, postural, and gait assessments. With 3D mirroring technology and visual feedback feature, devices at ABTP’s lab are said to be apt to give accurate results. Devices that help in assessing the patient’s static and dynamic balance and postural control are the Pro-kin, the Balance Trunk MF, and the Postural Bench. Similarly, to assess the patient’s gait analysis, ABTP’s expert physiotherapists use the Walker View. 

After getting all the results in hand, a treatment protocol is created to treat proprioception. Patients are trained using the Walker View, a device that can detect the real-time joint range of motion without the help of physical markers. Apart from this training, various stretching and strengthening exercises form a major part of this treatment protocol.