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Our Centres incorporate high-end technology that carries the ability to conduct assessment and training with quantitative data, thereby making the training process more objective and accountable. Imported from Italy, these devices integrate digital mirroring technology and load sensor technology that foster real-time visual feedback, thus making the whole process transparent for the patient/athlete. The primary benefit of this technology is that the accurate reports created after assessments further assist the physiotherapists in creating customized training/treatment solutions that deliver betterment!

Brand Philosophy

The Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance is the first of its kind facility for physical therapy in the country! with multi lab set up encrypting advance device build up using Italian technology the accept of physiotherapy such as pain management and sports performance management can be achieved with the help of data driven assignments and training using visual biofeedback facility!

ABTP Bengaluru - Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre in Bengaluru
ABTP Bhubaneswar - Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre in Bhubaneswar
ABTP Mohali - Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre in Mohali
ABTP New Delhi - Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre in New Delhi
ABTP Pune - Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre in Pune