Heart Disorders manifest themselves through shortness of breath, decreased ability to
exercise, and light-headedness. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of
mortality in India. Statistics also reveal that Indians are genetically predisposed to heart
problems. Earlier, the general prescription after a heart attack would be complete bed
rest. But we now know that this could be detrimental to the individual’s health. Though
cardiac rehabilitation cannot change the past, it will ensure your heart has a better future.
We have rehabilitation Programmes for anyone with the following conditions

CABG Rehabilitation

A thorough Evaluation of your Heart condition on your body and Fitness with a Full Body Assessment with Real-Time Digital Mirroring Technology! The Primary Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase is the Management of Risk Factors, such as lipid Diabetes and Hypertension. Through Light Physical Activity and Data-driven Recovery Protocols, we look to ensure a patient feeling more relaxed and comfortable with his/her surroundings! The Recovery continues with slowly tracking the patient’s progress and ramping up exercise, in order to get them back to managing their daily routine with ease. With us, a patient would look to improve Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels, automatically decreasing sluggishness.

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