CPA - An Overview

The fast-paced world of Corporate life has led to a decline in healthy living, be it through late-night working, added pressure from deadlines, targets, etc. This can lead to Orthopaedic Conditions, Hypertension and other long-term health conditions if not looked after.
We understand that time is of essence to a working professional. Given our expertise in working with clients across all walks of life, we have perfected our High-Performance Programmes and adapted our Programme to bring to you- The Corporate Athlete Programme!

Who is Corporate Athlete ?

A Corporate Athlete is anyone who brings the values and dedication of Sport into Corporate life. Athletes train day in and day out, with a focus on both, their body and their craft! By getting into such a mindset, the Corporate Athlete treats his/her work, the way an athlete would their sport: with a purpose, with preparation to work towards a goal and to accept nothing but excellence!
A participant can understand his/her body better, and imbibe simple concepts from Sport, that can be leveraged into everyday life! By understanding their body better, a participant can look to benefit through the following

Our Approach

  • Knowledge – Gaining an understanding of one’s own physical parameters, and how that affects their day-to-day Life
  • Intervention – An education of how sports technology can also benefit them through various routines
  • Empowerment – Creation of customized routines and programmes to help better their physical fitness and lead a healthier life


  • Posture (in all forms of movement)
  • Mobility and Conditioning (to avoid injury and sickness during the hectic rush of Corporate Life)
  • Biomechanical and Functional Movement (To ensure that all movement is performed efficiently)
  • Nutrition and Physiological Health (to ensure enough energy to last the day at work and home)

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