In today’s day and age, A Corporate employee is no less than an Olympic athlete. With the stress of Deadlines, Targets and workload, an employee’s body and mind goes through a lot of wear & tear leading to stress-related Injuries. We at ABTP use the same Sports Science Technology and methods for Employees which we use for our Athletes, providing solutions at par with Global Best practice!

Benefits of our Services

The Workforce is the engine of a Company, and special attention to their concerns can take the company a long way! Our Services work on a data-driven solution with expert physiotherapists to help address these very concerns. This can lead to:

• Less Absenteeism- A fit workforce will result in less Absenteeism.
• Increase in Productivity- A fitter employee will have more in him/her to accomplish more in the day.
• Positive Work Environment- Regular Activities like ours keep Employees engaged in a recreational manner keeping the environment positive around them

The Cubicle Fitness Programme

At ABTP we have a holistic approach towards the Health of an Athlete. We follow the same Principles of Sports Science Technology for Corporate Employees as well. Our Expert Physical Therapists conduct various activities to engage Employees in a fun way, customizable to their Assessments and capabilities!

Our Services will be divided into 4 Parts -
1) Full body Bio-mechanical Assessment
2) Strength & Endurance
3) Cardiovascular Health
4) Ergonomics

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