With continuous changes in the body patterns of growing children and babies, physiotherapy approaches for them differ completely from the ones being practised for adults.
Adhering to these exclusive needs, ABTP brings in advanced pediatric rehabilitation programmes incorporating globally accredited therapies such as Bobath/ Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT), Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT), patterning, muscle strengthening, body weight supported treadmill training and Neonatal Physiotherapy.

Paediatric Orthopaedics

In Pediatric Orthopedics we treat different conditions related to children’s joints, muscles, and bones using advanced technology imported from Italy include: Scoliosis – Our programme caters to the delicate needs of children who are undergoing surgery including both idiopathic scoliosis and neuromuscular scoliosis. Back pain and spinal pathology – Advanced assessment and triaging for further treatment. Club foot Cerebral Palsy – We offer a scientific assessment of children with complex movement disorders, to help determine if surgery or other interventions may improve a child’s ability to perform functional skills or sit more comfortably in their wheelchair.  Developmental Dysplasia of the hip  Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Childhood Obesity

A sedentary lifestyle and reduced physical activity are something that actively contributes to the increase in number of children suffering from childhood obesity. Owing to this very concern, our physiotherapy programme incorporates varied routine exercises and fitness programmes that are designed in a way that children enjoy practicing and inculcating the same in their life even after the sessions get over. 

Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy includes several genetic disorders that result in progressive muscle weakness and a loss of muscle mass. Some people face this issue early in their childhood, some later on during their adolescence period.It generally causes problems in walking, talking, carrying out simple tasks. There’s no proper cure for the disease, but there are many treatments that can improve symptoms and make life easier for your child.At ABTP, we conduct a detailed assessment to attain accurate results accordingly a best-suited plan of treatment is designed to help children with muscular dystrophy reach their full potential.Our treatment procedure focus on strengthening muscles & improving flexibility through exercises, functional activities & low-impact workout training.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is one of the most common diseases that hinders muscle movements causing movement disabilities in children. Premature birth and breech birth are said to be major risk factors of CP. Some of the common causes are: Lack of oxygen supply to the brain during labor and delivery. Severe jaundice. Traumatic head injuries. Brain infections such as encephalitis and meningitis. Abnormal brain development due to gene mutation. ABTP’s expert physiotherapists conduct biomechanical, postural, and gait assessments to give accurate results. After getting all the results in hand, a treatment protocol is created to treat proprioception. Patients are trained using the Walker View, a device that can detect the real-time joint range of motion without the help of physical markers. Apart from this training, various stretching and strengthening exercises form a major part of this treatment protocol.

Paediatric Cardiopulmonary

Cardiopulmonary diseases affect the heart and the lungs. These organs are closely connected, and a problem in one can spill over to the other. In children, these problems are caused due to presence of excessive mucus in the lungs caused by irritation or infection.The most common cardiopulmonary conditions include Congenital Heart Conditions, COPD, Asthma, etc. At the ABTP center, we conduct scientific analysis to attain accurate results, so a proper and best-suited plan is prepared to help a child with cardiopulmonary problems.Our treatment procedures focus on aerobic exercises for developing the strength and endurance of the respiratory system to clear lungs of the excess mucus. The exercises are performed to increase the tolerance of the lungs for performing aerobic activities and increase the breathing capacity.

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