Sleep Moksha

Sleep deprivation in athletes can have many underlying causes ranging from high-stress levels to improper balance between one’s mental and physical health. As a consequence, it’s their performance that gets impacted to a greater extent and worsens the whole sleep pattern.

Why is it important to have a proper sleep pattern?

Physical Health

  • Adequate sleep allows the heart to rest properly

  • Aids in repairing cells and tissues.

  • Keeps the immune system strong by producing cytokines

  • Helps in preventing critical ailments like high blood pressure, kidney diseases, diabetes, stroke etc.

Mental Health Benefits

  • Quality sleep is instrumental in enhancing an individual’s mood.;

  • Reduces irritability, and the risk of mental developments like depression.

  • Helps in reducing the effects of improper sleep on the cognitive ability of an individual and fosters quick thinking, adaptability, fast reaction time, etc.

In association with Sleep Moksha, we provide for evidence-based, data-driven and personalised sleep training programmes that foster better performance and recovery optimization for elite athletes and teams. With over 13 years of expertise in sleep academia at renowned Hospitals and Universities in India and abroad, our Behavioural Sleep Medicine Specialist Dr. Monika Sharma treats sleep problems by incorporating a unique approach that includes a combination of cutting edge-neuroscience and therapies practiced by ancient cultures.

Sleep Assessment and performance training conducted before curating personalized sleep solution plans help in:

  • Analyzing the current state of sleep with sleep-related testing to identify sleep disorders and suboptimal sleep.

  • Designing and developing sleep strategies that drive performance and recovery by delivering individual-specific tools to increase quality and sleep duration and boost daytime motivation, focus and a positive mood and outlook.

  • Optimizing circadian rhythm to maximize performance.

  • Designing Jet lag plans to minimize the negative effect of cross-time zone travel.

  • Maintaining a sleep workbook to track and maintain optimal sleep-induced athletic performance and recovery.

Consultation Fees

  • Sleep training (4 weeks) – INR 20,000
  • Elite Sleep Performance training  (8 weeks): INR 35,000
  • Group training programs ( SLEAP and SLEEPONOMICS) can be discussed