Depending upon the degree of physical activity, the nutrition requirements of different individuals also vary significantly. In association with Lami.Fit, a facility for personalised wellness and sports nutrition headed by Laxmi Pandrala- An award-winning sports nutritionist, who carries more than 10 years of experience working with national and international athletes coming from different sporting backgrounds and celebrities coming from varied professions!

Medical & Wellness Nutrition: Our Medical and wellness nutrition programs include personalized goal-oriented plans that help in reversing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, obesity etc. With variations in lifestyles of different humans, personalization is indeed the right approach to cater to different bodily needs.

Personalized Sports Nutrition: This programme not only studies the need of sportsmen involved in different sports but also creates a plan that caters to all the requirements that can help them maintain fitness and perform at the best level possible!

DNA Testing:  The purpose of conducting DNA tests is to identify and understand minor variations happening in our body and attaining clarity on our health, fitness and lifestyle goals. After data-driven analysis, a perfect plan of action can be created that ultimately works toward accomplishing set health goals.