Ms. Divya Goswami

Plantar Fasciitis involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes, causing persistent pain in the heel while standing for a longer period of time.

Ms. Divya Goswami, who has been a Kathak Exponent for quite a good number of years, started facing this issue due to the prolonged use of her limbs while following her passion, Dancing! She walked in ABTP, underwent an assessment and got physiotherapy sessions conducted by Dr. Prashant Kulkarni (Head of Neurosciences, ABTP Mohali)

Watch the video to know about her experience at our facility!

Mr. Amarjeet

With Parkinson’s Disease being the major cause, Mr. Amarjeet suffered from reduced mobility, back pain and issues in joint movements. Recommended by his wife, he visited ABTP, liked the facilities and continued with the treatment protocol created by Dr. Rohit Kalyan (Centre Head, Mohali)
Here’s his #StoryOfExcellnce for you to watch right away!

Ms. Jaspreet Kaur

Regular feedback from the patients helps in improvising the services & encourages us to bring in the best possible health and fitness solutions! Here’s another success story from our patient Ms. Jaspreet who has been facing severe back pain issues since 2008.

Watch the video as she unveils her journey with ABTP

Mr. Reyansh

Nearly 10% of Indian children suffer from Fine and Gross motor skill delays, which may prevent them from reaching their full potential. However, timely help from experts can be critical to their success.
Meet Mr. Reyansh, the youngest member of our ABTP family as his mother unveils the journey with us.