Dr. Apjit Singh Bindra

A Prominent Indian Entrepreneur with over 40 years of Experience, Dr. A.S. Bindra has represented over 20 International Organisations in India, spear-heading their expansion in the country. The Chairman and Managing Director of Abhinav Futuristics Private Limited, he has been key in establishing State of the Art Technology in the Healthcare and Sporting Sector, which has impacted the lives of Athletes and Medical Patients across the country.

He has also been instrumental in advising National Policy on various industries as a Key member of industries such as Trade and Industrial Management

Mr. Abhinav A. Bindra

Mr. Abhinav Bindra is India’s First Individual Olympic Gold Medallist and a 5-Time Olympian. He is currently a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and has been involved in work with Global Sport on various key issues. Now an Entrepreneur, he is also equally invested in Indian Grassroots Sports Development, using Sports Science and Technology.

Dr. Digpal Ranawat

Dr. Ranawat being One of the most Qualified Sports Science Experts in India, heads the ABTP Facilities across India. Dr. Ranawat has been the Medical Head of the Indian Shooting Team (Rio 2016), and worked with Athletes across the world. He has released significant Research papers that have been published in World Renowned Journals. He is also the member of the ISSF Medical Committee.

Dr. Rohit Kalyan

Center Head- ABTP, Mohali

Dr. Hemant Gaidhani

Center Head- ABTP, Pune

Dr. Nachiket Kosode

Center Health- ABTP, Bengaluru

Dr. Anjali Vaish

Center Head- ABTP, New Delhi

Mr. Pradeep Pillay

Center Head- ABTP, Bhubaneswar