Who we are

ABTP is a group of centres dedicated to the use of science and technology in the fields of advanced physiotherapy and high-performance physical training. Using devices that have sport and medical capabilities, assessment and training/treatment is done with accountable data-driven protocols managed by expert physiotherapists. Quick objective assessments and Real-Time visual feedback training form the basis of the work encouraging quality of movement, and more physical self-awareness.

Pain management and performance in a enhancement is just a click away


With multi-lab setup encrypting advanced device build-up using Italian technology the acceptance of physiotherapies such as pain management and sports performance management can be achieved with the help of data-driven assignments and training using a visual biofeedback facility. We proudly say that more than 3000 medical patients and 2000 athletes (over 15 Sports) have been benefited from this technology in 5 cities across the country.